Onedash analytics

The chatbot analytics tool
every business needs

Start gaining insights from your customers' conversations

We support your bot
across all platforms

Get a clear picture of user behavior with the bot
See every path users take and pinpoint the context and intent behind their conversations
Increase customer engagement
Segment users by how they access the bot, determine the critical parts of your script and improve each conversation step
Find new growth points
What are your users' intents? What is the impact of your latest release? Which conversations lead to increased conversion?
Turn these insights into new growth opportunities for your bot
What OneDash can do
AI Clusterization
Instantly analyze any number of user messages
One-click reports with all your metrics
Segment your customers and get meaningful insights
Connect easily with our adapters or lightning-fast API
Funnels and retention
Understand the impact of your chatbot's features and scenarios
Conversation Flow
Dive deep into the conversation flow to understand user behavior
OneDash was created at EORA, a company with more than 6 years' experience in creating AI chatbots with voice and text interfaces.
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